Apply to Judge

Apply to Judge

Judging at the UK Employee Experience Awards is a great way to share your knowledge and experience, as well asto receive exposure for your own business. You will have the opportunity to encounter teams and business initiatives from all types of industries, enhance your profile, grow your network and in the end, celebrate with the Finalists and Winners.

As a Judge your role is to:

  • Listen to the professional presentations of a variety of organisations, from blue chip to start ups, as they share some of their latest business ideas and initiatives.
  • Use your knowledge and experience in assessing the entries both online and live presentations, giving you the opportunity to learn, ask questions and clarify important issues as a respected authority.
  • Provide scores and written comments to entrants, giving your expert opinions. Your scores will ultimately be a part of their benchmarked feedback reports.This will help organisations continuously improve their own business based on your knowledge and experience.

Being a judge allows you to:

  • Enhance your credibility and reputation, both through your presence and the Awards and by including your role in your resume
  • Network with other business leaders and join an influent business community
  • Build your personal profile through our website and social media exposure
  • Use the Judge logo as an authority statement, as you will receive a custom logo that could be used for a variety of marketing tools. The purpose of this logo is to promote your role and identify you as a true expert in your field

What Do I Need to Qualify as a Judge?

We are looking for a diverse team of Judges with a range of knowledge, skills and experience to give category judging panels a robust mix of business expertise.

Therefore we are looking for applicants who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • knowledge, skills, and experience in a variety of business disciplines
  • substantial business experience
  • a relevant business qualification or membership in a relevant academic establishment (for example, a business school)
  • experience judging business Awards
  • a passion for the delivery of exceptional business performance

So, if this sounds like you, please send in your CV/profile to in order to apply to be a judge at the UK Employee Experience Awards 2017.

Please note: If you have judged at one of our Awards before, you will not be required to send another copy of your CV. Please send an email saying you are interested.


There is a fee of £289.00 plus VAT for judging at these Awards. This fee enables you to access the following:

  • a place at the gala luncheon and Awards ceremony
  • the Awards Judge logo to use on your business stationery, social media profiles, and website or blog
  • inclusion of a personal profile and company logo on the Meet Our Judges webpage
  • the opportunity to network at the Awards ceremony

If you would like to discuss becoming a judge at the UK Employee Experience Awards 2017 please call Lisa Bailey on 01223 911755 or email

If you have any questions about entering the Awards,
please contact our friendly Awards team who will be
delighted to assist you. Please call Catherine Lee on
0207 558 8241 or email: