About the Awards

Returning for a 6th year, the UK Employee Experience Awards honour the hard work and dedication that goes into improving the employee experience.

It’s incredibly important to create conditions in which every worker can flourish. As more and more companies appreciate this importance, it’s time for those initiatives to get the recognition they deserve!

The UK Employee Experience Awards promote excellence and best practice sharing by connecting hundreds of EX professionals. Beyond sharing your own initiative with the judging panels, you can connect with like-minded individuals from every economic sector.

The Awards have been accredited with the Gold Standard from the Independent Awards Standards Council, meeting all 18 criteria to qualify for the highest trust mark possible.

Recruitment of Entries
The first part of the awards is the recruitment of entries. Our Awards Consultants are here to help potential entrants understand more about the event and the many benefits they can obtain from participation.

At the same time, we build a team of upwards of 50 judges. Our aim is for 5 judges per panel, because we want the judging to be thorough and to do that judges need to have the time to scrutinise every entry. You may have noticed a tendency among awards to increase the numbers of judges. Thats because of us. Slowly but surely the awards sector is realising that to do your entry justice takes time and effort. A panel of 5 judges with 100 entries can’t spend enough time on the entries, it’s as simple as that. On average our entries are assessed for at least 7.5 hours and scored 10 times.
The judges score the written submissions following the announcement of the finalists and before the event date of September 10th

The Awards Finals
The 10th of September is the big day. The day all our judges and finalists and their guests and supporters have been waiting for. This is the day we hold the awards finals and ceremony. It’s an exhilarating experience. It’s a challenge, it’s fun, it’s active and it’s exciting. The effort which the finalists and judges make in the morning is rewarded by hearing the results during a fun and engaging awards ceremony.
During the morning 10 to 15 panels of judges assess the entries in live presentations. Categories of 5 finalists make presentations of 30 minutes to the judges. Back to back presentations are scored by the judges and the scores are entered into the online application, along with feedback and comments.

Awards Manager
The scores and comments are entered into our application, Awards Manager. We developed Awards Manager over the last ten years, It’s a bespoke application developed to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for our customers. Awards Manager also provides us with complete transparency at every stage of the entry and judging process. Awards Manager ensures we never lose an entry, never announce the wrong winners and we can always investigate any queries form our customers, with complete confidence. (Did someone say never say never?)
It also enables us to send out judges feedback and category and individual scores to all our entrants, following the awards.

The Awards Ceremony
The awards ceremony takes an hour or so in the afternoon, about an hour after judging finishes. During the awards ceremony we hear from keynote speakers. We also have a raffle for our charity Barnardo’s, where we raise money for the Tiger Project. The Tiger Project helps young adults who have had difficult lives to get back on the straight and narrow and make something of themselves. Since we started working with Barnardo’s our customers have raised £200,000 for this important cause.A special host who runs the awards ceremony announces the awards presenters, and they announce the winners and it takes an hour or so. It is a fun event, when you are glued to your seat and your screen. This will be live on the internet so you can invite all your colleagues from work and even your friends to watch. The finalists need to prepare a short acceptance speech and description of what they did, because when they win they will be asked to join the host for a few minutes. We record the announcement and the acceptance speech and share it with you following the event. After all the category winners are announced the host announces the overall winner.

The overall winner is that entry which has received the highest score of all the entries. Following the awards, we will send the trophies winners logo and finalists logos to the finalists and of course celebrate the event with as much media and publicity as we can. We will feature many of the winners and judges in CXM, in case studies, in interviews, in webinars and in conferences. We hope to engage and add value to our customers all year round: not just at the events.


A fully online awards experience Open sessions plus "The Future of Employment" No win no fee (well almost) A new and improved set of categories Held on 10th September Ben Whitter will be our new Awards Chairman The Judge Club


Gain recognition for your achievements.

Hear stories of company success by attending Open Presentations.

Raise your profile and generate positive PR for your company.

Increase your network, with the opportunity to connect with hundreds of professionals .

Raise staff morale by attending a fun and memorable event with the whole team .

Get feedback on your entry and improve with detailed feedback following the Awards.


Early bird entry deadline - 20th December 2019

Entry deadline - 31st January 2020

Finalists Announced - 17th February 2020

Early bird booking deadline - 7th August 2020

Booking deadline - 28th August 2020

Awards Finals - 10th September 2020

Who can enter the UKEXA?

We welcome entries from all organisations, teams and individuals - private and public sector - who are committed to improving the employee experience. We want to hear from people with interesting and inspirational initiatives to share!

SME or Multinational?

Every company needs to ensure its workers have the tools they need to succeed. That’s why we welcome initiatives from organisations of every size, in B2B and B2C environments. We find that SMEs and large corporations fare equally well in front of our independent judging panels - what matters is the strength of your initiative!

What Kinds of Initiatives Can Enter?

In the age of GlassDoor and other social media, workers will no longer settle for an average experience. The judges want to hear from organisations, teams or individuals in any industry that have gone the extra mile to enhance the employee experience.

We have categories to suit every organisation.
Which ones are best for you?


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