Being an Employee Experience Judge: An Interview with Christina Dolding

As a winner at the UK Customer Experience Awards 2016 and a judge at last year’s UK Employee Experience Awards, Christina Dolding has a fantastic insight into what it is like to be part of the awards process. As Head of Customer Experience and Innovation at Old Mutual Wealth, Christina has worked in the financial services sector in the customer experience world for nearly 25 years.

We caught up with Christina recently to find out first-hand why being a judge is a valuable experience:

1. How did your experience as a finalist help you when it came to judging?

I was very aware of just how much thought, effort and emotional energy goes into the award process. So when judging I was looking out for evidence of a great deal of care and attention being put into the written submission. You want the entrant to really, really want to win and evidence that in their approach….it needs to matter…personally and not just organisationally.


2. As part of the judging panel last year, what stood out to you most about the entries you scored?

The variety of content within the entries. Such diverse ideas and ways of thinking and how they applied this creative thinking to the business. Really inspiring stuff and actually quite simple. The best ideas often are.


3. What award-winning insight did you take away with you and what new connections did you make?

We had a brilliant panel made up of senior HR Directors, Consultants and previous entrants so lots of different perspectives. I loved the entries where the passion and authenticity of the presenters were backed up by colleagues who had come into the presentation to support them. For me, that added validation to the story.


4. What is your favourite memory from last year’s event?

The entry which won in the category which I was judging was actually very simple in terms of the idea but it was incredibly well executed. They had brought with them a small posse from the office and you could really feel the camaraderie and sheer force of feeling for how much the work they had done had made a difference in their organisation. It was a joy to see and the other judges felt the same.


5. Would you recommend other professionals judge at the UK Employee Experience Awards, and why?

Apart from making you proud to be in this industry, it gives you great insight into leading-edge thinking and opportunities for change. Everything I judged could be applied to my own organisation with a little tweaking. It is also a brilliant way to meet like-minded professionals.

If you would like to apply to judge or find out more please click here, or contact Lisa Bailey on 01223 911755 or