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How Can You Improve Your Internal Communications?

In the spring of 2020, huge numbers of employees started working remotely. Organisations are still coming to terms with the impact of drastically reduced face-to-face communication. So really, business leaders up and down the country have had to rethink their internal communications strategy.

Strong internal communication is vital for keeping employees focused and engaged in working for a common purpose, with Internal Communications Managers helping businesses accomplish these goals. They work hard to ensure employees are kept informed and motivated. Through working closely with senior executives, they establish organisational messages and maintain the smooth flow of information.

IC Managers are the eyes, ears, and voice of the organisation. If you're looking for correspondence between employees across different teams and the management, or want to make sure that you're up to date with the latest company protocols, you need to contact the IC manager!

Without a good IC strategy, necessary information might get lost, missed or ignored. As such, the IC manager is the piece of the puzzle that keeps everyone connected.

Tips To Improve Your IC

Coming up with innovative solutions can sometimes feel difficult. That's why we want to offer you some strategies that you can implement straight away. So without further ado, here are our tips to help your internal communications reach new heights:

1. An "Open Door" programme

By offering your employees a weekly 10-15 minute session for them to speak their minds, you'll give them confidence that their voice is heard. It's a simple yet effective way to prevent any serious problems from occurring, as you'll be aware of their needs and issues before they have the chance to get worse. Last, but not least, they will be able to relax and trust you more.

2. Celebrate personal successes

Your team members are real people, people with different aims and ambitions. Just by mentioning their personal achievements, you will certainly put a smile on their face. And a smile is the key to many locked doors.

3. Run anonymous surveys

This might be the best way to both make your employees feel heard and appreciated. For various reasons, employees may feel uncomfortable expressing their opinion in public. However, that does not mean they don't have one. Keeping the surveys anonymous helps you cross that bridge of silence!

Comments From The Expert

Despite her busy schedule, our Marijana Vitas Lojpur, the IC Manager at Awards International, took some time off to meet with me and grant us verbatim access to the mindset of a terrific IC Manager.

"Being an Internal Communication Manager sounds exciting - and it is! It's essential to be patient and to listen to your co-workers. If you have those qualities, you will find your way around." Marijana explains.

How do you approach your day-to-day tasks?

"I always try to find a creative way to bring the morale up and build a positive atmosphere within the teams. But, the most beautiful thing is when you realise all the hard work has paid off."

We're all aware that a company is full of different people, so it's only natural to encounter disagreements and confusion in communication. How do you manage tricky situations?

"I have found myself in a couple of situations where I had to stop and think before I reacted because I wanted to present the best possible solution." she notes. "The hardest thing is to recognise the feelings your colleagues bear with them while doing their work and try to transfer that to something you should present to the management team."

What would you say to other (potential) IC Managers reading this?

"If you are tidy, 70% of your work will not be that hard. If you keep up to date with your notes and tasks, you will be able to focus on what's essential every day and deal with mini-crises if they occur. People often don't realise communication is not ONE thing you can work on - communication is EVERYTHING; it's within every aspect of a community, and you are the one who needs to recognise it.

And always be honest. Always. Once your people start trusting you and get comfortable talking to you, that's it, you are best friends, or, at least, good acquaintances - and that means so much sometimes."

Can you tell us about one of your latest projects? How do you feel about it?

"We have recently published our 10th #DreamTeam Buzzletter (the internal newsletter) next week, and I'm very proud of that fact. And when I get a message from my colleague saying they enjoyed the Buzzletter or that they cannot wait to receive the next one, I get excited and even more motivated to do my job best as possible."

Thanks for sharing your perspectives, Marijana!

If you want a platform for sharing your own IC Manager success story - apply for our UK EXA '22. We have a category designated solely to honouring the everyday efforts of the people that help us stay calm and well-informed.

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