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How To Improve Overall Physical Wellbeing In the Workspace? (2022)

No matter where you work or what you do, the need to feel good and satisfied is always of crucial importance, both for personal reasons and to stay as productive as possible.

The umbrella term for everything that promotes happiness and fulfilment at work is wellbeing. It's a complex, multidimensional issue, but we break it down into four key areas:

- Physical wellbeing
- Mental wellbeing
- Social wellbeing
- Financial wellbeing

We will talk about all of them, but today we'll focus on physical. Research has shown that our physical wellbeing can play a major role in developing anxiety or depression; it also affects our stress tolerance and cognitive agility. It's a complex mix of lifestyle choices and behaviours related to sleep, diet, physical activity, hygiene and relaxation.

So if you're looking for ways to wake up energised and optimistic, confident in your abilities to deal with everything coming your way, we've got some tips for you!

Teleperformance's Digital Enhancement of Employees' Physical Wellbeing

At the 2021 Awards, one of our EXATM finalists came up with fantastic ways to help their employees feel good during the pandemic. With more than 380,000 workers in 83 countries, Teleperformance are global leaders in solution design, front-office customer support, as well as back-office services like finance, accounting, collections and tech support. When lockdown started in March 2020, 88% of their employees began working remotely.

Through two simple steps, they managed to turn the tide in their favour, helping their employees preserve or even enhance their physical wellbeing. 

1. Microsoft Teams Health TV

Teleperformance started out by performing extensive data research: the goal was to get a better grasp of their employees' precise needs, as well as enable them to direct resources to people who felt most isolated. With this info, they developed a range of creative Microsoft Teams channels to suit various angles of health and wellbeing.

Physical health was promoted by using the following set of channels:

* Fabulous Foodies Channel: a channel providing healthy recipe tips and an opportunity to share any culinary visions with other members of their work community.

* Health & Wellbeing Channel: a general space for discussing ideas on how to remain healthy during the pandemic, plus advice on how to support family and friends.

* TP Toners: this channel was a piece of Teleperformance's wider programme of physical activities, which they named "Wake me up Club". TP Toners was primarily focused on those looking to lose weight, creating a community space where they could share their success stories and support each other along the way.

* Let's Get Moving Channel: configured to assist employees who often put off exercising. It gave them fitness tips, classes and links to programs that are easy to follow. 

2. Tempting Imagery To Promote Physical Activities

Setting up the channels and providing options is enough for some but not for all. Some people need to be nudged in the right direction with some extra effort.

So Teleperformance came to a solution: their designers created a range of appealing imagery as part of an internal marketing campaign, helping them sell these initiatives internally and persuading employees to take part in the activities.

The Results

Teleperformance worked hard and with great focus to develop their health and wellbeing programmes, ensuring all employees had meaningful and relevant content to engage with at the height of the pandemic.

As they wrote in their EXATM awards submission: "Attrition was down by 35%, absence levels were down by 40%, and our annual employee satisfaction score increased by 20 points based on the previous year." No wonder they made it to the finals!

This example should inspire us all, and remind us that we have the power to change and take care of those around us. Teleperformance made an investment and it totally paid off: by creating a sense of community and making everyone part of it, you help your employees feel proud to work for you and make your entire organisation more stable.

If you've enjoyed this success story and want to get practical ideas on other forms of wellbeing, our Business Writer, Tom Fairbairn, has written an intriguing case study covering everything you need to know about health and wellbeing in the workplace. You can download the full case study for FREE!

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