MVF Reinvents Recruitment

MVF provides customer generation for some of the world's largest companies by delivering quality sales ready leads and marketing leads directly to their clients. At the UK Employee Experience Awards 2018 they took home the top trophy in the ‘Innovation in Recruitment’ category, and we look at what made them an award-winning company.


Andrea Pattico remembers her first day as MVF UK’s Chief People Officer. “I was given a warm welcome by the company co-founder and shown to my desk,” she says. “I sat down and thought... well, what next?” She quickly realised one of the team’s first priorities would be creating an amazing onboarding experience for all MVFers.

In addition to revising MVF’s onboarding process, MVF’s People team would need to amp up the company’s hiring procedures to achieve its goals. One of the fastest-growing technology companies in the UK, MVF planned to grow by 1 team members in 2017. They would need all those workers to keep pace with corporate revenues, which are growing at about c.30% per year.

The team’s analysis revealed that the company would face a management shortage unless it could somehow recruit and train a substantial number of prospective managers to fill future openings.

With those priorities in mind, MVF’s People team overhauled its recruitment and onboarding programmes to identify and hire the right people, to retain them, and to train them to meet the company’s expanding needs.


The People team started with an analysis of the job-candidate experience. The goal was to ensure the recruitment process started teeing up employees for success before they even started.

The team set quantitative targets. Their one-year goal was to fill 101 positions, to reduce probation extensions of new hires, to slash the company’s hiring time in half, and to acquaint new hires with company values and cultures faster.

MVF’s existing staff perks were intended to help employees stay happy and healthy. Employee benefits included free membership in sports clubs, healthy breakfasts, regular team social events, and more.

The People team kept those programmes in place, but changed the focus in recruitment messaging from social perks to career growth. Talent-acquisition specialists positioned the company’s focus on health as an expression of care that helped staffers stay fit and happy. They appealed to recruits on an emotional level by sharing the corporate vision and core values. They told job candidates about the company’s large training budget, its unlimited book allowance for staff members, and its track record of promoting from within. These efforts were intended to help candidates think of MVF in terms of their personal and career growth, not as simply a job.

The People team worked with hiring managers to develop a framework for interviews. The company experimented with - and adopted - technical innovations like video interviews to reduce time requirements for managers and candidates.

During the recruitment process, members of the People team are careful to tell prospective colleagues about opportunities for career advancement and the company’s investment in personal development. Prospective team members are invited to team and company-wide social events during the recruitment period.

The team then turned its attention to onboarding. Given the company’s rapid growth, it was unrealistic to expect managers to handle all of the onboarding for new team members. And the People team wanted to offer newcomers a consistent introduction to the company’s strategy and goals.

The team created Start Smart, a comprehensive engagement and training program.

Start Smart runs one week every month. New employees get an in-depth look at the companyith sessions run by MVFers at every level, including Directors and managers.

New hires receive a gift pack on their first day at work. They get to know their new team over lunch. New MVFers meet with company directors casually before receiving laptops whose calendars are loaded up with the week’s schedule of onboarding activities. Each new employee is assigned a buddy from a different part of the business who has been with the company for three to six months and remembers what it was like to be new.

Onboarding continues for a full week. After that, the People team checks in regularly to help new MVFers achieve success. Departments within the company have created training academies to help new MVFs succeed in their jobs.


After 12 months, the team achieved some incredible results.

The team appointed hires in all schedule roles, reduced probation extensions and slashed hiring time by half. New hires began work with a clear understanding of the company’s core values and its expectations of them.

One unexpected result: MVF achieved a Net Promoter Score of +45 in the notoriously difficult tech industry, where companies generally are grateful for a +30 rating.

The project has even saved the company money by reducing spending on external agencies and job boards. Direct prospecting, referrals, and broadcasting over social media have turned out to be the best - and most affordable - sources of quality candidates.

Andrea Patticore, Chief People Officer, Marketing VF.

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