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The UK Employee Experience™ finalists are here!

With our entry phase officially closed, we've spent the last two weeks shortlisting your entries. It was a difficult task, to say the least. So many excellent initiatives, so many outstanding entries.

As we approach the big day(s), we want to congratulate everyone who got shortlisted for the UKEXA '22 finals.

The last few years have presented unique challenges for people-centric businesses. But from the biggest of hardships come the very best of results. Each of our finalists has harnessed their creativity and kept their eyes fixed on their EX goals. It's truly inspiring to see.

We're delighted that so many leading organisations in the UK have joined our Employee Experience movement, enhancing it by submitting their best results and achievements. Getting to the finals is not easy, so everyone who's been shortlisted should feel extremely proud.

Your efforts are paving the way to a brighter EX future - and if you win, it will be the cherry on the cake!

You can view the entire list of finalists here.

What comes next?

First and foremost, stop for a moment and just celebrate! Share your success on your social media channels and praise the people who dedicated their time and focus to writing an exceptional entry!

Then it's time to book your table at the Awards Finals. Join other finalists and judges live in London and let's celebrate our people together! We suggest you book early to secure your Early Bird booking deal - this is active until April 14.

After that, it's time to pick your best presenter(s), rehearse your presentation and get ready to impress the judges! If you're looking for a competitive edge, our resources are a great place to start. Then, on May 19, it's time to enjoy the spotlight, celebrate with your team and connect with the other finalists.

Once again, congratulations to all the UKEXA '22 finalists. See you at the finals - and good luck everyone!