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What Makes a Company so Good you Don't Want to Leave it

What makes a company great to work for? This question is frequently on our minds, and although there are different ways to look at it, we can point out a couple of common factors for all companies recognised as a great working environment.

Communication as a top priority

One of the crucial elements in addressing the overall satisfaction of your workforce is to implement transparent communication. It should be as open as possible, and when your employees feel like you've got nothing to hide, it's easier to gain their trust and respect.

Companies that check in regularly with their employees through employee engagement surveys open the opportunity for communication that benefits everyone. Employees can share concerns and feel like they too have a voice, while management can utilize employee survey insights to begin having crucial conversations that might otherwise have been missed.

Individuals are empowered to grow

Great leaders understand that employees who are happy in life are also happy at work. And the best way to make them happy at work is by providing opportunities for their growth. It's a win-win since you can pay for training to improve their work-related skills while simultaneously giving them a feeling they know more than they used to.

Offering plenty of opportunities for employees to learn and grow as individuals should be seen as an investment. It will expand your organization’s talent pool and make it a lot easier to retain those skilled individuals for the long term while attracting new ones.

Value employee input

Many organisations claim they value employee input but don't show it. Great companies encourage input and truly listen.

Innovative companies take criticism for what it is - a problem that needs to be solved for the employee to work up to their maximum potential. On the other hand, meeting this criticism with negative repercussions will make employees feel estranged and doubtful in their worth at their workplace.

Now that we've established a couple of rudimentary constituents for a great place to work, let's take a look at how our past winners got a gold medal in our Best Company to Work For - Large Companies.

Everis employee-centric transformation

Everis implemented their People Strategy: Ad Astra, planning to help their employees reach their maximum potential while having a positive experience working there. They defined a new employee journey based on 6 moments of truth, the moments which their employees highlighted as the most important for their practice and journey within everis:

1. The Launch (Recruitment and Onboarding)

2. The Crew (Engagement)

3. Taking the Controls (Self-Awareness and self-knowledge)

4. Setting the Destination (Career paths and Annual Feedback cycles)

5. Exploring (Evolution Programmes, training and an open staffing scheme for their people to choose the projects in which they excel)

6. Landing (achieving professional Dreams)

How Did It Work?

They strategically planned every part of the journey to help the employees reach the desired goals and prepare them for the following stage.

They assessed the candidates' cultural fit from the first stage of recruitment to make sure they'd be a good addition to the team. As this was in times of the pandemic, they performed their onboarding process virtually, designing it on the studies of Harvard University about career transition. All with a single aim - to make newcomers feel part of the company from day 1.

In the second stage, it was all about well-being. Through Positive Psychology studies from the Uni of Pennsylvania, they developed a surrounding centred on the employee's well-being. Physical activities like yoga, pilates, virtual running, and other sorts of trainings were just as frequent as the activities of the mind: webinars, events, psychological trainings, etc.

The third stage, Taking The Controls, provided a platform for personal and professional development - they used NLP (Neurolinguistics Programming) techniques to reach and break their unconscious biases. Individual career advisory sessions were also a part of this stage, where each professional would get a one on one sitdown, talking about their goals and plans.

Setting The Destination is the name of the fourth stage of their employee journey. They come up with the annual objectives and formal feedback cycle, aiming to guarantee and recognise the workforce's integral development by aligning growth, expectations, opportunities and recognition. They followed this through by providing frequent feedback.

After meeting the company and its values, making themselves comfortable, and setting their personal goals, the employees would enter the fifth stage of their journey: Exploring. There, they could choose to have mentorship, and the vast majority of around 90% decided it would help them with their learning. With more than 40 virtual training sessions covering various aspects of their Employee Experience, the workforce was ready to pursue their dreams to the max.

Finally, the 6th moment of truth, Landing, was a place where they would be awarded for their contribution to the company and their success in pursuing their goals by a pay review.

Another important aspect is the gamification moment. Everis developed a game-like app for their employees to journal in it. My Journey App was the omnichannel ensuring the employees are constantly updated with the company's trajectory. It is an instrument that connects employees, raises internal communication and strengthens bonds. They also introduced a point collection system where they would be eligible for specific awards in exchange for the points. This innovative solution increased employee engagement and reduced the use of emails for internal communication.

Star-Laden Path

With each of their employees being a star in the company, everis shined. And this shine was too hard to ignore. The bright lights apparently blinded our judges too, as this initiative won them a gold award in the Best Company To Work For category. If you have a similar result achieved through your own unique approach, tell us all about it at this year's EXA 22! Apply for our awards and get awarded for your due diligence!