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The coronavirus pandemic has changed the employee experience, creating hurdles to overcome, and exciting opportunities to innovate. Our categories for 2021 allow you to show our judges your success stories in this new terrain.

Employee Engagement Innovation

Employee Engagement Innovation and Transformation

Employee Experience in a Crisis - Professional Services / Utilities

Employee Experience in a Crisis - Staying Connected

Employee Experience in a Crisis - Overnight Transformation

Best Company to Work For - Large Company

Best Company to Work For - SME

Employee Training and Development - Continuous Learning

Employee Training and Development - Empowering Programme

Employee-Centric Company - Large Company

Employee-Centric Company - SME

Employee Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing of Employees

Delivering Customer Experience

Delivering Customer Experience - Transformation

Use of Digital Technologies

Use of Digital Technologies and Transformation

Employee Reward and Recognition

Team of the Year - Above and Beyond

Team of the Year - People at the Heart

Winners 2021