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There are 22 categories this year, each of which recognises a particular aspect of EX excellence. Take a look below, and remember: you can enter as many as you like!

Best Company to Work For - Large Company

This award is for an organisation with more than 250 employees/ or a turnover of more than €50 million/ that has done outstanding work to create a fulfilling and rewarding work environment.

Best Company to Work For - SME

If your organisation has fewer than 250 employees/ or a turnover below €50 million/ and is a wonderful place to work/ this category is for you! The judges want to hear how you've achieved such phenomenal EX results.

Employee-Centric Company - Large Company

This award recognises organisations that put employees at the heart of what they do/ treating them as essential stakeholders in the business and valuing their frontline contributions. For companies with over 250 employees or a turnover above €50 million.

Employee-Centric Company - SME

This is for organisations who put employees at the heart of what they do/ treating them as essential stakeholders in the business and valuing their frontline contributions. For companies with fewer than 250 employees or a turnover below €50 million.

Best Crisis Recovery Initiative

The Covid-19 pandemic placed organisations in a difficult position - but a great many rose to that challenge and achieved phenomenal results. This category recognises companies that have devised ingenious solutions to the various crises of the last eighteen months/ and ensured that their employees were properly looked after.

Best Flexible Working Initiative

The last few years have seen a revolution in flexible working/ allowing employees to work from home and giving them greater freedom in choosing their office hours. This award is for organisations whose flexible working arrangements bring out the best in their staff and have helped them achieve fantastic results.

Best Workplace Design

The physical layout of a workspace makes a huge difference to performance/ and top organisations pay close attention to designing spaces that enable their employees to flourish. This award recognises those achievements/ and celebrates the ingenious designs that create a productive and enjoyable working environment.

Best Use of Digital Technologies

Effective use of digital can greatly enhance the employee experience: this includes holiday bookings/ making suggestions to management/ and enabling creative collaboration between team members. This award celebrates any use of digital technologies that has enhanced the employee experience and helped an organisation to thrive.

Best Talent Management Programme

This category recognises organisations with a world-class system for attracting and retaining talented employees/ and celebrates the range of initiatives that nurture the attributes and abilities of team members.

Best Apprenticeship Programme

Apprenticeship is vital to the long-term success of the UK economy/ equipping young people with vital and in-demand skills. This award recognises organisations that have outstanding training programmes for workers starting out in the industry.

Best CSR Initiative

This award is for organisations who encourage their employees to help their communities: examples include charity fundraising and environmental action/ but we welcome entries from any organisation who can show how their people are making the world a better place!

Best Employer Branding Campaign

An organisation needs outstanding employer branding in order to attract top talent. This award recognises organisations that publicise their merits effectively/ and have improved their talent pool as a result.

Learning and Development

In such a fast-moving world/ a company's success depends on enhancing the skillset of its employees. This category celebrates organisations that ensure their employees are constantly learning and growing in their roles.

Reward and Recognition

Recognition programmes are vital to the employee experience: they make team members feel valued and help improve an organisation's performance. This category celebrates the various ways in which companies honour their employees internally.

Diversity and Inclusion

Modern businesses need teams that reflect the diverse nature of our society/ and there has been a much-needed drive towards diversity and inclusion in recent years. This award recognises organisations that have implemented successful programmes to make their workplaces more representative/ welcoming and inclusive.

Health and Wellbeing

The pandemic has reminded organisations of the critical importance of employee health and wellbeing/ both physical and mental. If you've helped your employees be as healthy and happy as possible/ this award is for you!

Financial Wellbeing

This category celebrates organisations that help their employees take control of their finances/ through pensions/ savings programmes and more/ giving them a greater sense of security about the future.

Best EAP (Employee Assistance Programme)

Pastoral care is a vital component of any successful organisation. This award honours companies who provide exceptional support to their employees on performance-related issues/ health/ mental and emotional wellbeing.

Best Recruitment Programme

Building a great team requires an outstanding recruitment programme/ and this award honours organisations that have exceptional techniques for attracting top talent.

Best Internal Comms Initiative

Communication is the foundation of any great teamwork. This category celebrates organisations with amazing initiatives that improve the efficacy and quality of their internal communications/ achieving fantastic results in the process.

People Leader of the Year

This award will go to an exceptional leader/ one who has helped their team thrive in uncertain times. Whether through effective organisation/ inspiration or perspiration/ the judges will be looking for a leader who cares greatly for their team and has helped bring about exceptional results.

People Team of the Year

This category celebrates teams that have pulled together to achieve great results/ working effectively to ensure that all employees have a fantastic working experience.

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