The Categories

There are 11 categories to choose from this year. They encompass a range of different organisations: B2C and B2B, public sector and private, SMEs and large corporations. We also have categories to recognise EX excellence from teams and individuals. There’s no limit to the number of categories you can enter!

For organisations placing the employee at the heart of everything they do, boosting customer retention and profits through their focus on employees.

For organisations that can demonstrate innovative, effective policies to increase employee engagement with the company.

For organisations implementing new and inventive strategies to engage employees, aligning them with organisational values and goals and increasing motivation.

A fit and healthy workforce is essential to business success. This award is for organisations improving business performance through reduced sick leave, wellness initiatives and mental health support.

For organisations going the extra mile to create a fulfilling environment, with high engagement and retention score. These organisations will promote collaboration, learning and open communication, enabling employees to thrive.

For organisations making significant changes to business practices involving people, locations, processes or technology, that have contributed to improving the employee experience.

This award recognises the use of digital applications to improve, support or monitor the employee experience. This includes gamification, productivity and collaboration apps, engagement and feedback apps, performance management apps, well-being apps or employee service platforms.

As Richard Branson said, ‘if you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.’ This award recognises that connection, and rewards initiatives that have enhanced CX through improved employee experience.

For organisations that provide employees with meaningful, well-planned training and development opportunities that meet the needs of every employee.

People Specific Category

This recognises the team that provides a shining example for how collaboration and communication can enhance the employee experience.

People Specific Category

This award could go to an exemplary manager, team worker or consultant who has been an invaluable asset to their organisation.

Overall winner

The overall winner is the entry with the highest score out of all the Finalists.

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