The Categories

This year we have 22 categories aimed at organisations working hard to develop a productive workforce and strengthen the company from within. Entries can be from individuals and/or organisations, as well as those companies who have partnered with other businesses to achieve their goals. The categories cover many areas of employee experience to ensure that SMEs, large corporations and individuals can all benefit from the recognition the awards bring. There is no limit to the number of categories any one person or organisation can enter.

Financial Services – Banking & Investment

For organisations in the financial sector creating and implementing effective employee experience strategies that are having a marked and measurable effect on staff engagement and business performance.

Contact Centre of the Year

For contact centres which demonstrate how they value their people and continually innovate to improve the employee experience. Empowering colleagues from the frontline and throughout the company through an efficient, effective, and employee focused operation.

Agency of the Year

Nominate yourself or ask a client to nominate you for the incredible service you provide, whether it is PR, recruitment, training, legal services, or simply offering employee support and advice. The previous winner of this category was Manpower Group.

Employee Engagement - Health & Wellbeing

A fit and healthy workforce is key to the success of any business. What tools are you using to ensure you have happy and healthy colleagues, are aiming to decrease sick leave, and ultimately improve business performance? The previous winner of this category was Let’s Get Healthy.

Employee Engagement - Insight & Feedback

Utilising continuous insight and feedback methods to better meet the needs of employees and enhance their engagement and satisfaction. Sparks Grove with FCA secured the top spot in this category last time.

Employee Engagement - Learning & Development

For organisations that provide employees with meaningful training and development opportunities that are well planned, ongoing and/or adapted to meet the needs of the individual. The previous winner of this award was BT Business with Blue Sky.

Employee Engagement - Reward & Recognition

Implementing initiatives that inspire, reward, and recognise employees for their hard work through the use of incentives, prizes, accolades and/or benefits. The Holly Private Hospital won this category last time.

Employee Engagement - Diversity and Inclusion

A company’s dedication to maintaining a positive work environment where the similarities and differences of individuals are valued, and their skills and preferences are appreciated. Ensuring that all policies, practices and procedures are based on being inclusive and open to diversity.

Innovative Employee Engagement

Implementing new and inventive strategies to help staff give their best each day, be committed to their organisation's goals and values, and be motivated to contribute to organisational success. These strategies will result in a positive outcome for both staff and the company.

Business Transformation & Managing Change

A significant change to business practices involving people, locations, processes or technology. Are employees embracing a change? Organisations with a strong capability at managing change can ensure that improvements are delivered and result in a positive employee and customer experience. Homeserve took home the top trophy last time.

Employee-Centric Company

Organisations which ensure that at every step of the way, employees are at the heart of everything they do. A strong employee-centric culture that impacts employee productivity and happiness, and in turn boosts customer retention and profits.

Internal Communication Strategy

The innovative ways in which staff members can keep up to date and involved with internal news, events and other important information whether it is a newsletter, intranet, meetings or other means of staying in touch with other departments.

Use of Digital Technologies

Use of digital applications to improve, support, or monitor the employee experience. Areas could include gamification and workplace technology, productivity and collaboration apps, engagement and feedback apps, performance management apps, well-being apps or employee service platforms.

HR Excellence

For HR teams showing an innovative approach to people management and demonstrating how the HR strategy is having a positive impact on the employee experience.

Delivering Customer Experience

Companies with happy and engaged employees provide a better service to customers, therefore, investing in your Employee Experience directly enhances your Customer Experience in a significant and measurable way.

Talent Management Strategy

How the organisation defines and recognises talent, who is responsible for managing the talent, and how they design and deliver development opportunities and measure its success.

Best Company to Work For

For organisations that are going the extra mile to make the workplace a thriving environment with high engagement and retention scores. These companies will promote collaboration, learning, and open communication to nurture passionate people in a great environment.

Don't Forget

There is no limit to the number of categories you can enter. Plus, after your first entry, each additional category is a reduced price when booked at the same time.

Best Employee Experience Professional of the Year

This could be an exemplary manager, team worker or consultant who is an invaluable asset to developing, supporting and maintaining a great employee experience. This person will bring the organisation together, whatever function they currently work within.

Best Trainer of the Year

Someone who stands out as a mould breaker by developing knowledge and sharing effective employment practices. This could be internal or external training that enhances the employee experience.

Best Recruiter of the Year

A person or team that finds the best candidates for the roles required and ensures both the employer and employee are getting the best experience possible.

Team of the Year

A successful team always has a lot to teach others. A great team working on employee initiatives and forms a key element of the employee experience should be celebrated for their hard work. Bidfood UK won the top spot in this category last time.

Overall Winner

The best overall will be the entry from the main categories (not people categories) with the highest score.

Need Help Choosing your Categories?

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